It’s a fact that a large number (in some cases, the majority) of your website visitors are using their mobile devices to access your website spontaneously… and that’s the very beauty of what these little gadgets have brought to the marketing world. After all, there’s never a better time to offer a deal than the very moment you’ve captured the attention of a prospect.
With all that in mind, have you ever asked yourself how your website is performing on a mobile device?
Review your site traffic to analyze how mobile customers interact with your website, and make sure that all content can be conveniently accessed on mobile devices. Remember, a Mobile-Friendly website is not a website that simply shrinks to display impossible-to-read pages with impossible-to-click buttons on a small screen. A truly mobile friendly website a Responsive Website that uses an adaptive (or floating) design structure that adjusts its content to display well on all different screen sizes.