3 Ultimate Marketing Goals For Every Real Estate Professional

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Fair Enough! It is agreed that it's NECESSARY to have an EFFECTIVE ONLINE MARKETING. But what needs to be Done? In our previous post “The NECESSITY of EFFECTIVE ONLINE MARKETING for Real Estate Agents”, I have explained using available statistics why it’s important to have an effective online marketing platform and maintain it properly to [...]

The necessity of effective online marketing for Real Estate Agents

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It's absolutely NECESSARY for all business managers to maintain an EFFECTIVE ONLINE MARKETING and that certainly includes REAL ESTATE AGENTS! Canadian consumers are ahead of the game when it comes to digital. Most have internet access, embrace social media, and use smartphones and tablets everywhere. This infographic illustrates just how connected we are, and why Realtors need [...]

Boost SEO by improving website structure for a better visitor experience

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How can you boost SEO by improving website structure while providing a better browsing experience for your website's visitors? In my previous blog I discussed the importance of high quality content to rank high in Google search results. Here, I will be focusing on how representing great content in a well structured, good looking and professional [...]

How important is high quality Content to SEO, in order to rank higher in Google search results?

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There are so many different factors that contribute to making your website rank higher in Google search results; These factors include Technical elements, good structural design and of course, a great user interface. How about the content of your website? How important is high quality Content for Search Engine Optimization of your website? The answer is [...]

How important is online marketing for Real Estate professionals?

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Many of our clients (Real Estate Agents) wonder if online marketing for real estate agents is really a necessity, and wether it's important for them to invest in proprietary online marketing channels (i.e. websites) while the brokerage they operate under has already invested adequately in that area; or that they haven't really had a considerable feedback [...]

Can you fit in a cell phone? A Responsive Website Can!

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It's a fact that a large number (in some cases, the majority) of your website visitors are using their mobile devices to access your website spontaneously... and that's the very beauty of what these little gadgets have brought to the marketing world. After all, there's never a better time to offer a deal than the [...]

MAR 25 An example of Realtime Marketing: Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” Super Bowl tweet

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Oreo's tweet during the Super Bowl blackout, seemed to be a marketing masterpiece to many, while others thought of it as innovative, but too small to be noted as the winner of the Super Bowl. The power went out during last year's Super Bowl showdown between San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Within minutes [...]